Gomismta - Goderdzi Hike

4-day hike, 05/09 - 11/09/2021

Our first multiple day hiking tour has got 4 hiking days and 1 rest day half way in Bakhmaro. We start in Gomi Mountain, above the Black Sea and hike along the Meshketi Range towards the East. On the way we summit some peaks, pass an old army base and visit some of the summer and winter resorts in Adjara and Guria.


Our luggage will be transported to he next stop. We are hiking with light daypacks.


We meet in a hotel at the Black Sea in the afternoon to check the material and discuss the milestones of the tour. As we walk just with daypacks, we organise the luggage for the hut to hut transportation. For dinner we stay at the hotel.

Day 1

After breakfast we have a transfer to Gomistmta [1'990m]. In this summer resort we start the hike along the Meshketi Range. For the morning we are following a ridge to the east. All the way we have a view of the Greater Caucasus. At luchtime we reach the first peak Taginauri [2'688m] with its old Red Army base on the south facing slope.


After lunchbreak we descent to the Chin Chao Lake [2'440m]. This is the next beautifull stop on the trail. From here we follow the driving road up and down to a pass at Wolfsbed - Mglis-Satsoli [2'614m]. From the peak we have a nice view on Meria Keli [2'330m] where we spend the night.


The alpin hut has got bunk beds, a nice terrasse and a sauna in the basement. It is a cozy place with a great view.

Time: 5:00 hours

Distance: 16.5 km

Ascent: 1'140m

Descent: 800m


Starting point: Gomistma [1'990m]

End point: Meria Keli [2'330m]

Highest Peak: Taginauri [2'688m]

Day 2

The hike from Meria Keli [2'330m] to Bakhmaro [1'850m] takes 4 and a half hours walking time.


We start the hike following a dirt road down to the small river Natanebi. On the other side of the river we follow cowtrails up a rocky ridge. It is a long ascent to the highest peak of the entire trail: Sakornia [2'755m]. We enjoy the view and stay there for a short luch break.


For the descent we follow first the ridge to the east. We can already see Bakhmaro. Different cow trails go down to Phaphara. From there we follow the dirt road to the river Bakhvi and then over the bridge. Just 100 meters from the bridge we reach our destination for the day: The PIONEERS.

Time: 5:30 hours

Distance: 10.5 km

Ascent: 420m

Descent: 930m


Starting point: Meria Keli [2'330m]

End point: Bakhmaro [1'850m]

Highest Peak: Sarkornia [2'755m]

Rest day

In Bakhmaro we will stay for 2 nights. The summer resort is not too busy in beginning of September. The rest day can be used to relax the feet and legs, have a massage or spend some time in the sauna. A short day hike to Sunrise Mountain is also possible. In the afternoon we get ready for the 2-day hike with tents to Goderdzi. The tents will be carried by horse.


For sunset we hike up to Sunset Mountain and enjoy the scenery.

Day 3

The trail follows the Adjara Road (a dirt road) to the alp village of Chedrekili and the pass [2'170m] behind.  From there the road passes the mountain Buksieti [2'390m] on its eastern slopes and leads to the alp village of Zoti Keli [1'990m].


From Zoti Keli we follow crow trails up to the ridge to the East. It is a long hike up and after that a long hike down without any shadow. In Adjara we pass a dirt road and start climbing the next ridge. In the shadows of some trees we have lunchbreak.


After lunchbreak we follow the trail and in the late afternoon we look for a nice camp ground where we put up our tents and spend the night at a camp fire.

Time: 5:00 hours

Distance: 12.5 km




Starting point: Bakhmaro [1.850m]

End point: camp ground

Highest Peak:

Day 4

After packing together the camp we continue the hike. In the morning we mainly hike uphill first through dense beech forest and then over alp meadows and through villages.


On driving tracks and cow trails we walk towards south-east. In the late afternoon we reach Green Lake [2'080m] our final destination. After a short break at the lake and a swim for those who do not mind the cold water, we are picked up and transfered to the hotel where we spend our last dinner and then the night.

Time: 5:00 hours

Distance: 10.0 km




Starting point: camp ground

End point: Goderdzi Pass [2'025m]

Highest Peak:


After breakfast we have a transfer back to Batumi. The drive will take minimum 4 hours. For those who want to continue to the East is the chance to catch a maschutka to Akhaltsikhe.