Bakhmaro - Black Sea

2-day bike tour, 24/08 - 26/08/2021

From Bakhmaro [1'970m] to the Black Sea on a mountain bike. Over 2 passes we travel towards the west until we reach the beaches of the Black Sea. First we have to climb passes then we have a long downhill to the river Natanebi.


The main luggage will be transported so we carry just our day pack. The first night we spend in a guest house in Bakhmaro and the second in a mountain hut in Meria Keli. At the end we plan to swim in the sea. However, the last kilometers would be in the flat . It is the first time that we offer this tour, so we need to find out the best combination.


We meet in Bakhmaro in the afternoon to check the material and discuss the tour. As we ride just with daypacks, we organise the luggage for the hut to hut transportation. For dinner we stay at The PIONEERS.

Day 1

We start in Bakhmaro and cross the river. We follow the dirt roads to the West. In Baisura [1'900m] we start the climb up the ridge on a difficult and in some parts steep mountain road. From the ridge we have the first time a great view towards the Black Sea.


From here the driving track is not always visible. We ride over alpine meadows usually acompanied by grazing horses. Then we descent toward a hut from which a better driving road goes into the valley of the where we cross the river Natanebi and then start the last ascent up to Meria Keli [2'330m]. A bit higher than the pass we reach our base for the next night - a cazy alp hut with a great view.


We spend the afternoon on the terrasse of the alpine hut or in the sauna.

Time: 5:00 hours

Distance: 10.5 km

Ascent: 420m

Descent: 930m


Starting point: Bakhmaro [1.870m]

End point: Meria Keli [2.400m]

Highest Pass: 2'500m

optional: Rest Day

On request it is possible to make a rest day in the cosy Alp Hut in Meria Keli (or in Bakhmaro for some downhill ride to Chokhatauri). A nice day can be spend at Lerti Lake [1'670m]. It is a dirt road all the way down and up again. Lerti Lake is nice for a swim or a picknick on the chamomile meadows around the lake.

Day 2

We start the day with a climb to Wolfsbed - Mglis-Satsoli [2'614m]. From here we have a nice view back on Meria Keli [2'330m] but also all the way back to Goderdzi Pass [2'025m].


We follow the dirt road to the South-west and have a first break at Chin Chao Lake [2'440m]. At luchtime we reach the peak of Taginauri [2'688m] with its old Red Army base on the south facing slope. The last high peak of the tour with a great view in all directions.


After lunch we descent to to Gomistma [1'990m] and from there the access road down to Gomi. We finish our tour in Ozurgeti [100m] or at the beaches of the Black Sea.

Time: 10:00 hours

Distance: 16.5 km

Ascent: 1140m

Descent: 800m


Starting point: Meria Keli [2.330m]

End point: Ozurgeti [100m]

Highest Peak: 2'688m