Multiple Day Hikes & Tours

Around Bakhmaro are a couple of beautiful multiple day hikes possible. In particular the connection of different resorts is interesting as there is touristic infrastructure in the resorts but beyond that hikers experience the Gurian and Adjarian backcountry without mass-tourism.


We promote sustainable tourism in this region and we are happy to support hikers, mountain-bikers and horse riders to find their way. It is possible to book packages with us, organise a transport or accommodation but everyone is also welcome to just ask for the best trail.


hiking in the Caucasus; Adjara; mountain lake

The Meshketi Range around Bakhmaro offers diferrent multiple days hikes in the backcountry of Guria and Asjara.

Guided Hiking Tours

mountain biking in the Caucasus; Adjara; trails in Adjara

We are happy to organise guided hiking tours including accommodation, food and transportation in the area around Bakhmaro.

Mountain Biking

horse riding in the Caucasus, Bakhmaro,

The dirt roads around Bakhmaro offer some interesting explorations into the backcountry of Guria and Adjara.


March and April is the time for ski-touring and splittboarding. Our mountain huts in Adjara offers the best starting point for remote adventures.

General Safety Advise


Best hiking time is September with pretty stable weather conditions.

  • in June are still too many and too big snowfields in the mountains around Bakhmaro to do alpine long distance hikes.
  • From July usually long distance hikes are possible. Be aware of the strong sun.
  • August can get quite hot and dry.
  • September the mix of stable weather and lower temperatures offer an excellent hiking environment. However, first snow is possible.
  • Also the first part of October is usually a very nice hiking time. However, be aware of the chance of snowfall and cold temperatures.

In June and July often dense clouds come in from the Black Sea around lunchtime. Then visibility can drop within minutes to 10-20 meters. Above the treeline orientation becomes then very difficult.

Wild Animals

  • There are wild animals in the mountaintains. You can find tracks and sometimes you might even see bears, wolfs, jackals or lynx.
  • Be aware of the sheepdogs which can be quite aggressive. However, they just want to protect their cattle.

Cellphone coverage

Acctually the cellphone coverage of this area is pretty good. At least on the mountain tops and ridges you should get a signal from somewhere in the valley. Bakhmaro has got antennas from all major cellphone providers. In Zoti Keli is also an antenna from Beeline.

You can find all our trails on Komoot, Outdooractiv and Wikiloc.